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KAH Fox Valley's COVID-19 Response

with love from KAHDuring this Covid-19 pandemic we are closed for monthly packs with volunteers. However, our board is still packing in family groups and needs your donations to continue to help the community home and abroad.

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Kids Against Hunger sends 85,536 meals for Detroit emergency needs

85,536 meals were sent to Detroit, Michigan in April. This is only the beginning of our commitment of service during this pandemic. We have 42,768 meals ready to go and more on the way with your help. 

Children and families are hurting and Kids Against Hunger-Fox Valley board members are stepping up. While we have closed our packing facility to the public, our board members are packing every week at the warehouse in small family groups and we need your help to continue packing. Your financial support will help us fulfill emergency needs during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The story of how we helped Detroit

with love from KAHKids Against Hunger-Fox Valley Roselle received an emergency e-mail late Thursday, April 16, 2020 directed from a Kids Against Hunger facility in Lewisville, Texas:

"We have a donor here in the DFW area that is looking for about 15 pallets (100k - 115k meals) of KAH food to ship to the southwest part of Detroit that has been hard hit with no access to food. They are willing to pre pay the satellite(s) for their food (25 cents per meal) or $54.00 per box, so the satellite can then replenish their stock. They will also cover the shipping costs to the Detroit neighborhood. If you have any satellites that can meet that need please let me know."

I knew this request needed to be from our facility in Roselle. I confirmed our interest in sending meals with Texas. To me, this was personal. My father had contracted Covid-19 in Michigan and passed from the virus two weeks prior to this desperate call for help. I knew people were getting turned away from testing and Detroit was having a tough time with all the auto plants shut down and were quickly becoming a hotspot for the virus.

Friday morning I connected with our Board of Directors and we started our partnership with Texas. Up until this point we had reached out to our local foodbank, schools, community college and safe housing facilities and the only local requests were for 3 cases (99 meals). The same week in Detroit, they were turning away over 200 cars at each of their pop-up area food and supply distribution areas as they continued to run out of food.

We arranged a truck with Penske to deliver the meals in person to Detroit, however, decided to hire USF Holland to ship our meals as a safer decision.

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Kids Against Hunger Provides Nourishment with Mercury One

The loaded trailer departed from Kids Against Hunger distribution warehouse in Roselle, Illinois on Monday morning (April 20) and arrived on Tuesday, April 21. The truck was unloaded at a Detroit facility and the products were distributed by local authorities last week.

"I want to thank you and Kids Against Hunger -Fox Valley on behalf of Mercury One for getting the food to Detroit so quickly.  I am so sorry for your personal loss and so thankful for your help with your hometown needs.  You are such a blessing to Detroit and Mercury One," said Suzanne Grishman, executive director of Mercury One. 

Mercury One, a humanitarian aid and education organization was founded in 2011 by Glenn Beck.  During an emotional radio interview on The Glenn Beck Program in April, Michigan House of Representatives member Karen Whitsett expressed that the city is desperate for food, water, hygiene kits, personal protective gear, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies. At the end of the segment, Glenn Beck pledged to help Ms. Whitsett and the people of Detroit, and then he reached out to Kids Against Hunger and Operation Blessing to arrange for the truckloads of food and supplies to be sent.

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 "We were pleased to partner with Mercury One, to supply nourishment to residents in Detroit, a city that desperately needs some Lake Love and hope right now," said Nancy Thiemann, associate director of Kids Against Hunger -Fox Valley in Roselle.

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The emergency need everywhere for food will continue into 2021 at local food banks and food banks around the world. When the governor reopens the ability for larger groups, we will need your individual and group volunteer efforts to meet the high demands for proper nourishment. You can help with the hunger crisis through Kids Against Hunger.

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KAH Food Package

food-bag-1Our revolutionary food package has been developed by some of the world's leading food scientists at Cargill, Pillsbury, General Mills and ADM. This one package provides six nutritionally-complete servings for only 25 cents per serving.

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