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KAH Fox Valley's COVID-19 Response

with love from KAHDuring this Covid-19 pandemic we are closed for monthly packs with volunteers. However, our board is still packing in family groups and needs your donations to continue to help the community home and abroad.

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Our Food

How does the food get to hungry children, and how can you be sure it gets to them?

We work closely with our distribution partners - churches, nonprofit organizations, and U.S. government agencies operating in poor countries - to distribute the meals prepared by our volunteers. We seek out organizations that have proven track records of successfully getting the food to the children and keeping it out of the hands of corrupt government officials and criminals. We always require our feeding partners to document how they distributed the food and provide us with pictures of the children who receive it.

Kids Against Hunger - Fox Valley distributes most of the food packed to World Missions Outreach NIC, whose home office is in Harrisburg, NC, where the food is packed into containers for delivery to Nicaragua. In Nicaragua one third of the food goes to the Verbo group's two orphanages and several feeding locations. The remainder is distributed by WMO to over 70 feeding locations around the country that together are feeding about 15,000 hungry/starving people each day. The KAH food is included together with other nutritious food to the several feeding locations.

Kids Against Hunger - Fox Valley

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