Who We Are

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Every hour of every day 10
children per minute die of starvation or malnutrition related diseases. Our mission is to help end this tragedy of world hunger.

Our Mission

Kids Against Hunger Illinois is a non-profit, volunteer driven, locally funded organization that packages dry, highly nutritious food for hungry people in America and starving people in Nicaragua. We provide opportunities for groups, families and individuals to volunteer in packaging the food, funding the efforts and helping its recipients move from starvation or food insecurity to self-sufficiency.

Our Illinois packing event center operates as a satellite of Kids Against Hunger, headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. Kids Against Hunger is a national organization with packaging satellites in over 16 U.S. States and Canada. Together we have the capacity to produce over 50 million meals per year for families in over 60 countries through feeding programs, orphanages, schools, clinics and local food pantries.

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Our packing event gives volunteers an opportunity to contribute "hands-on", in feeding the world. It satisfies a hunger to make a difference and to feed life-saving meals to starving and malnourished children in developing countries as well as feeding hungry children here, in the United States. At Kids Against Hunger we run a volunteer-driven effort to package and distribute food in communities worldwide where hunger and starvation are rampant. Young and old alike, our Illinois Kids Against Hunger volunteer teams have packaged and delivered over 4 million meals, since 2007.

How We Do It

Kids Against Hunger Illinois is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is funded through the generosity of our financial contributors. We use the funds received through donations to purchase the high-quality ingredients that are a part of Kids Against Hunger's specific food recipe (e.g. rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, vitamin powder) and supplies (e.g. sealing machines, plastic bags, packaging tape) from established suppliers.

We organize packing events where volunteers assemble the ingredients in a specified order and quantity, weigh and seal the bags, box them up, and load them onto pallets. The packaged meals are then shipped to those in need.


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